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Top 10 Social Media Content Ideas for your Allied Health Practice

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You have your website and have set up all the social media channels applicable to your target audience. So now what? You know you have to blog and share content that will inform and be of use to your audience but you haven’t a clue where to start or what to write about. It’s a common problem. The amount of content shared on a daily basis across social media is astronomical. Somehow you need to stand out from the crowd and have your voice heard.

Given that many practice owners are scratching their heads not knowing what sort of content they should be preparing for their audience, I’ve decided to share my top 10 social media content ideas relevant to the allied health industry.

1.  Fact Sheet/Brochure

  • Write about commonly sustained injuries or injuries you see a lot of in your clinic. If it’s online information you provide, you can include videos for instructional purposes.
  • Or create informative brochures for clients to download and read in their own time. Users often like being able to refer to a ‘hard copy’ so include as much information you think they will benefit from.

2.  Video

  • Create instructional videos on anything from exercise rehabilitation programs, taping techniques, ergonomic workstation set-up, correct lifting techniques to ideas to help engage a specific patient population.
  • Create videos targeted specifically to your current patient list offering solutions to their problems, as well as videos that target your “ideal client”. By knowing who you would like to attract to your clinic, you will be able to tailor video content to their needs. For example if you would like to attract younger, active male clients, create a video relating to common football injuries and preventative techniques.

3.  Case Study

Do an in-depth study on a typical injury outlining your treatment protocols, expected prognosis, rehabilitation followed and outcome. This illustrates your skills and competencies, informs potential clients of how you go about your job and provides them with insights as to what they could expect.

4.  Specialist Interview

Ask one of your regular referrers if they would approve of you interviewing them about an aspect of their job relevant to your client-base. Perhaps you could get insight for your readers on a particular surgical procedure and then include the rehabilitation you would progress them through. Again this gives existing and potential clients insight into what happens when seeing a specialist, helps reduce anxiety about seeking a specialist opinion and may provide information a reader is interested in.

5.  Webinar

Create a webinar/podcast series discussing common conditions and how you manage them in your clinic. Invite your audience to engage and give away details of treatment, prognosis, return to sport/work timelines etc.

6.  A Day in the Life of…

Record your own day or one of your employees to give your audience insight into your profession. This can be done in video or written format. Be sure to add a healthy mix of personality so your audience can get to know you!

7.  Content Curation

This means finding content that you know your readers will be interested in and then connecting them to it. Find a topic of relevance to your audience such as a new evidence-based treatment protocol and share it via your social media channels. Always give credit to the original author and always introduce it with your opinion or experience on the topic and relate it back to your audience. There’s nothing less personal that simply a link to someone else’s work.

8.  Email Newsletters

These are a great format for engaging with your current list and informing them about your practice, new qualifications your staff may have gained or new and exciting services you are offering. Make these regular so that your clients continually have you front of mind, maybe they’ll refer you on to friends in need of your services!

9.  Contests and Promotions

These are a fantastic way to engage with your current audience and grow a new market. Make your contests and/or promotions exciting, valuable and of course relevant to your service offering. If you run a contest offering an iPad as a prize, you may find people simply enter for the prize and have no real intention of using your services. You could also promote a new product you are using in the clinic.

10.  Seasonal Sport/Exercise Advice

In keeping with the seasons and the sports that are played, produce regular content for the wider community. A great example heading into winter is a ski-fit program that you could devise with appropriate strengthening exercises to help prepare users for a season of injury-free skiing. You could apply this to any popular sport in your area such as AFL, cricket, cycling, tennis, running and swimming. This form of content is what’s known as evergreen – it’s continually relevant and stays fresh for readers!

In Conclusion

Rest assured the knowledge and clinical experience you have gained throughout your career gives rise to so much interesting content that your target audience will find informative and useful. Use my top 10 ideas to create some awesome original content and let me know what you share and what you find resonates most with your audience! Happy writing!

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