Ten Tips For Branding Yourself and Establishing Your Online Presence

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It was exactly two years ago that I made a very purposeful and conscious decision to establish an online presence for myself. I had already gained some traction, though not much, on social media through my sporadic but valuable posts and shares about how essential oils had become such a game-changer in my small family’s life. I remember so vividly the feelings of fear and self-doubt creeping in as I was making this decision. I remember thinking I don’t have what it takes to make it online, or I would never amount to these successful entrepreneurs and wellness coaches that are already attracting their tribe, helping and serving so many people. I just didn’t think I had what it took to “make it online”. I didn’t even comprehend what it actually meant to be successful online but I knew that it was the journey I wanted to be on.

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Spring cleaning your web assets


Finally winter is starting to come to an end and the prospect of spring is lifting moods and promising renewal.  For me this has been a long winter, and one that I am glad to see the back of.  Of course I ate too much and I will probably have to nearly kill myself all of spring to undo the damage I did, but nonetheless I am full of hope, enthusiasm and excitement about what summer will bring.  I am also looking forward to assessing what I am happy with and what not so I can work out my priorities for the next few months on both personal and professional levels.  I find myself already making summer resolutions, so I thought I’d share one of them here and now before I get bogged down again and it becomes another of my to-do items on a never-ending list.

As one of the owners of a digital agency in Melbourne, I see a lot of online mishaps start-up and small businesses make when entering the online arena. Like many mistakes in life, most are completely preventable or avoidable and is probably made simply because these business owners did not have the right information when having to make crucial decisions.  So instead of just shaking my head in silence as I’ve always done, I am now speaking up, purely based on my own personal experiences.  So sit up and indulge me for a moment or two – I really believe what I am sharing here are useful and practical tips if you are doing some online asset spring cleaning and want to set your business scene for summer.

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Building a brand on Facebook

building a brand on facebook

The challenge of developing a representative brand

Airtime Dance logoAirtime Dance Academy teaches a variety of movement styles such as dance, acrobatics and aerial skills which had to be immersed in my brand. The vision of free flowing movement, flying, and awesomeness had to almost jump out of the logo. I chose my friend, James Quinn-Hawtin, who is an established designer and qualified trainer in his field but lives in Queensland which is a 5hr flight from me. Apart from distance, another challenge I faced was that – even though he also teaches dance – James did not fully understand the concept of acrobatics and aerials silk.  Consequently there were a few changes to the initial submissions.  Read more

Learn how to increase new patient referrals

Get-More referrals

In our roles as allied health, fitness and wellness professionals we are engaged by our clients to help them. The ways in which we help them differ; it may be that we assist them in recovering from injury; improve their health and fitness through weight loss and exercise or teach them techniques to help them manage stress and enhance wellbeing. Whatever methods we use, we implement a plan and execute accordingly.

When it comes to marketing our practice or selling our services, the majority of us shy away from the challenge. Promoting ourselves is not everybody’s strong point and many health, fitness and wellness experts will actually choose to run in the other direction and just hope for the best!

So what can we do to grow our client referrals and expand our businesses?

As is the case with most things in this day and age, getting yourself heard or seen is a challenge! You need to be able to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ways in which we can get ourselves out there without pushing the hard sell. Read more

.physio – What’s All The Buzz About?

physio - What's all the Buzz About?

In todays digital age it is essential that physiotherapists have an online presence, one that professionally represents their business like a shop front, and is optimized so that people and potential clients can find them online. This is often where many physiotherapy practices fall down: they have no or a very basic website and make very little effort to promote themselves online.

In this blog I want to look more closely at the recent inclusion of .physio domain names. Is the introduction of .physio as a top level domain (TLD) going to help the average physiotherapist to be found online? Lets have a more detailed look at what a TLD actually is and what, if any, advantage purchasing one of these for your physiotherapy business might bring.

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Branding: Why building it is important

What is branding?

According to Wikipedia a brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers’.”

In other words:  branding is not about getting your target market to select you over other product/service providers in your industry, but it is about getting your potential clients to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their specific problem.

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