Privacy Policy: Why your website needs one

Privacy policy blog header

As a digital agency we build new websites, and part of that process is to help our clients compose content. It is interesting how many business owners insist on ditching the traditional ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Terms of Use’ pages to make space for more trendy footer links and widgets, or are happy to ‘copy and paste’ pages from competitor websites and adapt it based on their needs. This made me wonder about the need for these pages in today’s digital age, and whether or not the ‘copy and paste practice’ is enough to keep you on the right side of the law.

In addition – based on our experience – most advertisers on Social platforms, Google and other third party providers such as Mailchimp are blissfully unaware of the additional privacy clauses that have to be included in your website’s standard privacy policy, so we will set the record straight with a downloadable infographic summarising the additions.

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Spring cleaning your web assets


Finally winter is starting to come to an end and the prospect of spring is lifting moods and promising renewal.  For me this has been a long winter, and one that I am glad to see the back of.  Of course I ate too much and I will probably have to nearly kill myself all of spring to undo the damage I did, but nonetheless I am full of hope, enthusiasm and excitement about what summer will bring.  I am also looking forward to assessing what I am happy with and what not so I can work out my priorities for the next few months on both personal and professional levels.  I find myself already making summer resolutions, so I thought I’d share one of them here and now before I get bogged down again and it becomes another of my to-do items on a never-ending list.

As one of the owners of a digital agency in Melbourne, I see a lot of online mishaps start-up and small businesses make when entering the online arena. Like many mistakes in life, most are completely preventable or avoidable and is probably made simply because these business owners did not have the right information when having to make crucial decisions.  So instead of just shaking my head in silence as I’ve always done, I am now speaking up, purely based on my own personal experiences.  So sit up and indulge me for a moment or two – I really believe what I am sharing here are useful and practical tips if you are doing some online asset spring cleaning and want to set your business scene for summer.

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Choosing the right social media channels for your business

Finding social media channels that work

Dealing with start-up and small businesses we often have to answer the question:   “On which social media networks will my business get most traction?“.   Unfortunately the answer is not as clean cut as we would all like it to be, and to put it bluntly: “It depends“.  To answer this question you first and foremost have to look at exactly who you are targeting, and then factors such as the nature of your product or services, the time you have to invest and the budget you have at your disposal (to name but a few) also comes into identifying the channel which will serve you best.  

First, a couple of myths….

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The Silent Observers on Facebook

The Silent Observers on Facebook blog

Since the constant fine tuning of Facebook Edgerank and its effects on Facebook business pages, one question I constantly encounter from creative business owners are: “Do I still need to bother with Facebook? I’m guessing Instagram or Pinterest is a better option.”

So, in my quest to figure out if Facebook is worth our time or not, I decided to do some experiments on my own Facebook page. Because even though many articles discuss various information and strategies, implementing these is more crucial to get the ‘Said’ results.

In my recent experiment with Facebook Organic reach I think I have proved that Facebook is not dead for businesses. But there’s one more reason why I stick to Facebook – it’s the power of the “Silent observers”. No other social media has this important piece of the jigsaw.

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Building a brand on Facebook

building a brand on facebook

The challenge of developing a representative brand

Airtime Dance logoAirtime Dance Academy teaches a variety of movement styles such as dance, acrobatics and aerial skills which had to be immersed in my brand. The vision of free flowing movement, flying, and awesomeness had to almost jump out of the logo. I chose my friend, James Quinn-Hawtin, who is an established designer and qualified trainer in his field but lives in Queensland which is a 5hr flight from me. Apart from distance, another challenge I faced was that – even though he also teaches dance – James did not fully understand the concept of acrobatics and aerials silk.  Consequently there were a few changes to the initial submissions.  Read more

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