May 18, 2015 Mirielle Schreuders

Gen Y for social media management

Gen y social media management

I really love working with Gen Y’s.

Me, I’m a Gen X and I love that too. Such good music (Grunge memories) comes from our Gen X era. You know what I had less love for? Business social media. Now don’t get me wrong, I love social media in general. As an entrepreneur with a brain speed of 100 kilometres per minute (I get tired just thinking about that), I can multi task and connect with all channels effortlessly, but really connecting with my targeted audience for business needed my full attention. Just like my conversations with my accountant.

The ABS statistics show that Gen Y’s make up 26% of the Australian population. That is nearly a third, right? So, this also tells us that they will be the main generation of workers over the next two decades. Hmmmmm. This also tells us that Gen Y’s are a very resourceful and important resource that small business owners need to not only create mutually beneficial work cultures, but also we need to recognise that Gen Y’s want to succeed, they want to belong to something and they want tasks that provide them with satisfaction and recognition.

Like you, I am a small business owner, and like you, I run my time to the last minute. Managing social media, even just on Facebook and Twitter, is time consuming. I had to think about how to ease the energy and time that I was spending here. In a moment of brilliance (probably generated by a great song), it was clear what I had to do. I had to hand over this area to a dedicated Gen Y team member to help.

And you know what? This team member could not be more excited or enthusiastic to take on the role. Whilst still early days, my social media Gen Y will help in all areas from scheduling, brainstorming, posting, creating promotions, topics and everything in between. She can collaborate with my right-hand IT people and fab apps like Canva to nail it. Delegation win for mutual benefits.

Remember that 1 in 4 Gen Y’s will change jobs in any given year. Keep them engaged, create a super culture, involve them and you may just keep your Gen Y for longer.


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