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The Entourage’s 8 Steps to Entrepreneurial and Sales Mastery

The Entourage's 8 Steps Event

Yesterday we had the good pleasure of attending yet another event presented by our mentors from The Entourage:  ‘The 8 Steps to Entrepreneurial and Sales Mastery’.  It was hosted at the Melbourne Convention Centre with The Entourage’s elite speakers Peter Lackovic, Anette Lockovic, and Lorraine Murphy from the Remarkables Group headlining. And my-oh-my: did we learn lots!

Selfie at The Entourage eventThe Entourage’s Peter and Annette guided us through the 8 steps to follow when building a dynamic business, giving us insights into:

  • Lean start-up strategies
  • Millionaire mindset
  • Leveraging marketing
  • Systemising sales
  • Becoming number one online
  • Management and Leadership
  • Financial Scoreboard and
  • Venture Capital.

Peter had an on-stage interview with Lorraine Murphy, giving the audience insights into the timing of setting up your own business; lean marketing strategies; early challenges, and how to overcome them.  All very inspiring stuff that had us taking notes, recording audio, and absorbing as much as our brains could take in!

It was also a great networking opportunity for our team to mingle with other small business owners and entrepreneurs and to catch up with other members from The Entourage’s Saleable and Scalable Program.  We are super excited about everything we learned and look forward to implementing the strategies into our processes as well as bringing it home to our valued clients.  The Entourage run many of these conventions throughout the year for start-up businesses, so we hope to see more of you there next year!

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