June 20, 2015 Zadia Lenders

Mailchimp the lifesaver

Mailchimp Salad Daze

Gosh!  Starting you own business especially a business in an area that you have little to no experience in is quite an undertaking; a completely mad one at that, however 8 months in and thankfully things are starting to gain traction.

There have been so many decisions to make and compiling an email list and setting up email broadcasts to prospective and actual clients was initially a very time -consuming process, until I discovered Mailchimp!

As I currently have 3 different delivery locations with different delivery days I could not send a mass email broadcast so Mailchimp has been an absolute lifesaver.  You can set up different lists, create beautiful email templates by dropping and dragging images, text, videos anything you like.  I can send all my subscribers all the same information by creating a template, replicating and saving with another name and adjusting info to suit.  Then with a press of a button hundreds of emails can go out to my different lists.

You can also schedule email broadcasts in advance to setup a few weeks worth of newsletters and menus and schedule them to go out weeks ahead. This is especially handy if you find yourself in the zone and feeling creative with your writing. Prepare 4-6 weeks worth, set up a mailing schedule and forget about it. Newsletters/social media all taken care of!

Mailchimp lets you preview for both desktop and mobile, allows you to send test emails which is handy especially if you have a random person that you want to send something to. You can send yourself a test email and then edit to suit and send out of your email programme. You can also add that person to the appropriate list you have setup in Mailchimp so thereafter they are on the appropriate mailout list.

The interface is so easy to use and you can do all of everything I have described the free version. It also keeps track of metrics so you can see who opens and clicks on your documents. Brilliant.

Mailchimp is an amazing tool and the cheeky monkeys giving you high fives when you send out your campaigns gives me a giggle every time, providing a bit of light-heartedness in the otherwise stressful endeavour of being a mad entrepreneur!

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