March 17, 2015 Liani Liebenberg

Introducing our Guest bloggers

Guest bloggers series

Project […] is proud to announce a new monthly blog series called ‘They came and they conquered‘, written especially for small businesses, by small business owners, who face the same issues our audience face when setting up and existing online.

Our esteemed guest bloggers will demonstrate how they have conquered typical online challenges with small budgets and limited involvement from web and marketing experts.  Learn from their experiences to build on your own successes.  The first edition of the blog will be published here on the 23rd of March.  We hope you enjoy the series.

A very warm welcome to all our guest writers – we look forward to hearing all about it!

About the Author

Liani Liebenberg Liani is co-owner of Project [...], a professional and boutique digital agency taking the health,fitness and wellness industries by storm. She has a keen interest in anything web and is fascinated with any gadgets and gizmos that make her busy life a little easier. She has two children and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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