Video Conferencing Tools for Business – 5 Of The Best

video conferencing

Video Conferencing is Back in Vogue

Which video conferencing tools for business is a frequently asked question as the world embraces working from home due to COVID-19. There’s always been an expectation when working away from the office – unless on sick leave – that we’re required to stay connected and contactable via email or some form of online chat platform that’s been individualised for your business or team.

Working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted these accessibility expectations to the next level. The added uncertainty around time frames for working from home, in addition to social distancing measures, has seen a surge of thousands of businesses and organisations adopting video conferencing technology to remain operational. 

Video conferencing is now a communication requirement for management and employees alike. Merely being accessible online is no longer sufficient; we now have to actually see one another.

This has shifted the expectations of accessibility from just being on-line to now being eye-line…

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